Technology & Innovation

The NetACE TONAS™ solution utilizes cutting-edge technology and industry standards, with a focus on innovation. The platform leverages TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA), utilizing microservices, metadata, AI, and Open APIs to deliver a data-driven and flexible approach. This enables telecom operators to stay ahead of the competition and achieve growth and profitability.

NetACE TONAS™, built on tech and innovation, aims to offer benefits such as:

  • Increased Agility

    With its cloud-native microservice architecture, the platform simplifies complex applications and enables faster iterations, helping telecom operators to keep pace with the rapidly evolving market.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency

    The platform's DevOps culture and low-code approach help to streamline development and deployment processes, reducing the time and resources required to make changes.

  • Adherence to Industry Standards

    By following the best practices from the TMForum and embracing new industry trends, the NetACE TONAS™ platform helps telecom operators to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Open Ecosystem

    The platform embraces openness, providing a more flexible and interoperable environment for telecom operators to build and deploy services.

  • 5G Readiness

    The platform is designed to be ready for the increased data demands that will come with 5G, virtualization, and cloud technology.

  • Collaborative Delivery

    The platform allows for collaboration between telecom operators, System Integrators, and NetACE, enabling them to jointly develop new integrations and adapters that meet their specific requirements.

  • Incorporation of Open-source Technologies

    The platform incorporates and hardens industry-leading open-source technologies and frameworks, providing the reliability, security, and scalability needed to support mission-critical operations.

The TONAS™ Solution for Streamlining Digital Operations.

The NetACE TONAS™ modular cloud-native Platform is designed to be fully aligned with the latest DevOps methodologies and industry standards such as TM Forum, ETSI and 3GPP. NetACE TONAS™ is a multivendor solution that supports all fixed and mobile network technologies end-to-end, including 5G and legacy systems. This ensures fast and flexible integration into the existing infrastructure, and rapid low-code onboarding of new technologies and services.

3rd Party OSS/BSS

Common Cloud-native Core Platform

Federation Security and Visualization

Open APIs


Modular Cloud-native Telecom Operations & Network Automation Solution

Modular Solutions & Products

Adapters Marketplace



Federated Network Auto Discovery & Reconciliation

  • Lightweight Network-driven Resource Inventory
  • Real-time Reconciliation & Synchronization
  • Federated Auto-Discovery
  • D.A 1
  • D.A 2
  • D.A 3
  • D.A 4



Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment

  • Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment
  • Service Inventory
  • Service Catalog
  • WF 1
  • WF 2
  • WF 3
  • WF 4



Network Insights & Assurance

  • Network Performance
  • Fault Management
  • Al/ML-powered Analytics
  • N.A 1
  • N.A 2
  • N.A 3
  • N.A 4



Network Configuration Management

  • Network Configuration Management
  • WF 1
  • WF 2
  • WF 3
  • WF 4


Additional TONAS™ Modules or 3rd Party

    We put DevOps into practice.

    We utilize a range of tools, technologies, and methodologies to bring seamless and continuous updates and accommodate evolving business requirements.

    Client Side

    Test Automation

    Packaging & Deployment

    Server Side


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    NetACE TONAS™ Platform by Atrinet is a modular, open, and cloud-native digital solution, designed to streamlines telecom operations and network automation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

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