NetACE TONAS™ Inventory Data Integrity Assurance (DIA).

The TONAS™ Inventory Data Integrity Assurance (DIA) is a cloud-based solution designed to ensure the accuracy of inventory data of one or more telecom resource inventory systems. It features federated network Auto-Discovery, model-driven Real-time Reconciliation, Inventory Synchronization, Lightweight Network-driven Inventory, Integration Adapter Packs and end-to-end network visualization.

The TONAS™ Inventory Data Integrity Assurance (DIA) integrates with multiple third-party Network Resource Inventories using standard TMF639 API or various vendor-proprietary interfaces, including Amdocs ARM (Cramer), Ericsson Granite XNG, and ServiceNow Telecom Network Inventory (TNI), to automate the discovery, synchronization, and resolution of data inconsistencies. It’s also part of the NetACE TONAS™ Platform, and smoothly integrates with the TONAS™ USAF, NI&A, and NCM solution modules.

The TONAS™ DIA key functions to ensure the smooth operation, including:

  • Vendor & Technology Neutral

    Supports any access, transport and core network technology and vendor, in 5G and legacy networks, with the ability to align with any target data model, enabling organizations to align the system to their specific requirements.

  • Out-of-the-Box Integration Adapters

    Provides pre-built integrations with industry-leading vendors, eliminating the need for custom integrations and reducing the implementation time, thus saving cost and resources.

  • End-to-end Federated Network Discovery

    seamlessly integrates with any network type, including cloud and network controllers, NMS/EMS, PNFs, VNFs, CNFs, and databases of any vendor or technology.

  • No-Code Design

    Inventory Synchronization & Reconciliation Process Modeling enables point-and-click selection of synchronization objects and definitions of reconciliation rules through a user-friendly user interface.

  • Real-time Reconciliation

    The need for real-time reconciliation becomes crucial in 5G networks due to the high level of network dynamism. With a large number of network elements constantly changing, traditional approaches with slow and heavy processes may not be efficient enough to keep up. This is why TONAS™ DIA provides real-time reconciliation capabilities to ensure that the network inventory remains up-to-date and accurate, even in highly dynamic network environments. This ensures that the network operates smoothly, and any issues can be quickly detected and resolved.

  • Multi-Inventory Support

    Capable of supporting one or more Network Resource Inventories simultaneously.

  • Inventory-to-inventory Migration Enabler

    Involves mapping data, transforming data formats, and ensuring data integrity throughout the migration process.

  • Multiple Operation Modes

    Supports scheduled, real-time and network-driven, and user-driven discovery and reconciliation operations for a selected network domain, group of network elements, or specific network element. It can be either scheduled by the system or triggered by a network event like a network alarm or trap or initiated through UI or API by a user or third-party system.

  • Deployment Flexibility

    With support for on-prem, public and private clouds, this solution offers seamless upgrades and minimal impacts thanks to its cloud-native, microservices-based architecture.

  • Lightweight Activate Network Inventory

    Has an internal Lightweight Network Inventory for various data manipulation, transformation and service assurance use cases.

Benefits for TONAS™ Inventory Data Integrity Assurance (DIA).

  • Enable Automated Inventory Management: quickly integrates with your existing network resource inventory, (which has no or limited discovery & reconciliation capabilities), to automate the discovery, synchronization and discrepancy resolution process, ensuring that the inventory data is always accurate.
  • 100% Inventory Data Accuracy: Through its efficient auto-discovery and reconciliation capabilities, TONAS™ DIA guarantees that the data in your network resource inventory is always up-to-date and as planned.
  • Smooth Inventory to Inventory Migration: with its flexible migration process modeling and automated execution, TONAS™ DIA enables network teams to quickly and effectively transfer network configurations and assets from one inventory system to another, reducing the time and resources needed.
  • Order Fallout Prevention: accurate inventory data reduces the likelihood of service provisioning issues and improves the success rate of the first activation attempt.
  • Ensure Accurate Baseline for Assurance Cases: with reliable inventory data, service assurance solutions can provide more accurate assessments of customer services.
  • Cost Savings: helps organizations reduce the costs associated with network downtime and improve network efficiency, leading to cost savings.
  • Collaborative Delivery: facilitates collaboration between telecom operators, system integrators, and Atrinet, enabling the development of new integrations and adapters that meet specific requirements.
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NetACE TONAS™ Platform by Atrinet is a modular, cloud-native, TM Forum ODA-compliant digital solution with Open APIs, designed to streamline telecom operations and network automation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

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NetACE TONAS™ Platform by Atrinet is a modular, open, and cloud-native digital solution, designed to streamlines telecom operations and network automation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

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