NetACE TONAS™ Network Configuration Management (NCM)

The NetACE TONAS™ Network Configuration (NCM) automates various network configuration processes, including device configuration, configuration backup and restore, network device upgrade automation, and network compliance validation, among others. By automating these tasks, the NCM module not only reduces the risk of human error but also enables quicker response times and better network management efficiency.

The NetACE TONAS™ Network Configuration (NCM) integrates with multiple OSS/BSS solutions. It’s also part of the NetACE TONAS™ Platform, and smoothly integrates with the TONAS™ DIA, USAF, and NI&A solution modules.

The TONAS™ NCM key functions to ensure the smooth operation, including:

  • Configuration Backup

    Network operators can take automated backups of configuration files to be prepared for any network mishaps. This allows for the easy recovery of a trusted version of the configuration in case of a faulty change or update.

  • Configuration Change Management

    The software keeps a record of configuration changes and provides a way to revert to a trusted version if necessary. This helps prevent unauthorized changes that could negatively impact the network.

  • Executing Complex Network Operations

    The NCM software includes the execution of many network operations and provides the ability to automate them using configlets, saving time and reducing the chance of error.

  • Network Compliance to Industry Standards

    The software ensures device configurations comply with industry standards, enhancing network security and protecting the business from risk.

  • Device OS Upgrade Automation

    Provides the ability to automate software upgrade processes for any network device or type across different network vendors in a single platform. It includes robust pre-check and post-check policies with automatic rollback capabilities, making it easier to manage and control the upgrade process. Additionally, it can be integrated with the overall IT environment, streamlining the software upgrade process and ensuring network device compliance to industry standards.

Benefits for TONAS™ Network Configuration Management (NCM)

  • Seamless integration: with any BSS & OSS stack through Open APIs, and pre-integrated to NetACE TONAS™ DIA, USAF and NI&A solution modules.
  • Improved network visibility: The TONAS™ NCM provides a centralized view of network devices, allowing network administrators to easily monitor and manage network configurations.
  • Collaborative Delivery: allows for collaboration between telecom operators, System Integrators, and NetACE, enabling them to jointly develop new integrations and adapters that meet their specific requirements.
  • Increased efficiency: automates manual, time-consuming tasks such as configuring devices, backups, and compliance checks, freeing up time for more critical tasks.
  • Enhanced security: helps secure network configurations by detecting unauthorized changes and alerting administrators to potential security threats.
  • Improved compliance: ensures compliance with industry standards and internal policies by performing automatic compliance checks and alerting administrators to non-compliance issues.
  • Improved network reliability: helps reduce network downtime by detecting and resolving configuration issues before they become major problems.
  • Better collaboration: enables team collaboration by providing a centralized repository of network configurations and by allowing multiple administrators to manage and track changes to configurations.
  • Reduced operational costs: helps reduce operational costs by automating manual tasks and by reducing the need for manual intervention in configuring and managing network devices.
  • Deployment Flexibility: supports any public or private cloud for seamless upgrades and minimal impacts, thanks to its cloud-native, microservices-based architecture.
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Accelerate the adoption of Zero-touch Network and Service Operations.

NetACE TONAS™ Platform by Atrinet is a modular, cloud-native, TM Forum ODA-compliant digital solution with Open APIs, designed to streamline telecom operations and network automation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

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NetACE TONAS™ Platform by Atrinet is a modular, open, and cloud-native digital solution, designed to streamlines telecom operations and network automation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

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