Are you struggling with ensuring the accuracy of your telecom network inventory data?

Discover how NetACE TONAS™ Inventory Data Integrity Assurance (DIA) can help you achieve and automatically maintain reliable, up-to-date inventory data through federated auto-discovery and real-time reconciliation. This will replace error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks, leading to improved network operations, better decision-making, and streamlined service fulfillment.

  • Improved accuracy of inventory data: NetACE TONAS™ DIA ensures the accuracy of data from one or more telecom resource inventory solutions through auto-discovery and real-time reconciliation, providing you with complete confidence in the information used to make decisions and run network operations
  • Automated inventory management: With TONAS™ DIA, you can replace error-prone manual tasks with automated network auto-discovery and reconciliations processes, freeing up your time and resources for more strategic activities.
  • Effortless discrepancy resolution: With TONAS™ DIA, you can automatically eliminate discrepancies between planned and actual networks through an automated policy-driven process, allowing for faster and effortless resolution of issues.

How quickly can you bring new services and products to market without extensive development and system updates?

Discover how NetACE TONAS™ Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment (USAF) can streamline your service activation and fulfillment processes and reduce order fallout with a single, cloud-native, low-code, catalog-driven solution. With all your workflows in one unified platform, you can enjoy faster time-to-market, lower effort spent on onboarding new products and services, resulting in a more efficient and profitable business.
  • Minimize development efforts and speed up the onboarding process for new products and services with minimal coding
  • Streamline activation and fulfillment with a single low-code platform for services across all lines of business and technologies through model-driven design and complete automation
  • Accelerate time-to-market and enhance customer satisfaction

Are you struggling with identifying and solving network performance issues in real-time?

Learn how NetACE TONAS™ Network Insights & Assurances (NI&A) can provide you with real-time visibility into your network and automate the resolution of performance problems for improved network reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Improved network visibility: Get real-time insights into your network performance, ensuring accurate data, and efficient monitoring.
  • Enhanced Network Assurance: Monitor and detect any network issues proactively, reducing downtime, and ensuring optimal network performance.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Gain access to accurate, real-time data to make informed decisions, improve network operations, and drive business growth.

Are you facing high costs and inefficiencies in managing and maintaining your network configurations and upgrades?

Discover how NetACE TONAS™ Network Configuration Management (NCM) can provide you with centralized configuration management and network upgrade automation, reducing operational costs and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Improved network stability and reliability: by automating configuration management processes and reducing the risk of human error.
  • Increased efficiency in network operations: by reducing manual tasks and providing real-time visibility into the configuration state of the network.
  • Enhanced network security and compliance: through automated enforcement of configuration policies and auditing capabilities to detect and remediate security threats.

The TONAS™ Solution for Streamlining Digital Operations.

The NetACE TONAS™ modular cloud-native Platform is designed to be fully aligned with the latest DevOps methodologies and industry standards such as TM Forum, ETSI and 3GPP. NetACE TONAS™ is a multivendor solution that supports all fixed and mobile network technologies end-to-end, including 5G and legacy systems. This ensures fast and flexible integration into the existing infrastructure, and rapid low-code onboarding of new technologies and services.

3rd Party OSS/BSS

Common Cloud-native Core Platform

Federation Security and Visualization

Open APIs


Modular Cloud-native Telecom Operations & Network Automation Solution

Modular Solutions & Products

Adapters Marketplace



Federated Network Auto Discovery & Reconciliation

  • Lightweight Network-driven Resource Inventory
  • Real-time Reconciliation & Synchronization
  • Federated Auto-Discovery
  • D.A 1
  • D.A 2
  • D.A 3
  • D.A 4



Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment

  • Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment
  • Service Inventory
  • Service Catalog
  • WF 1
  • WF 2
  • WF 3
  • WF 4



Network Insights & Assurance

  • Network Performance
  • Fault Management
  • Al/ML-powered Analytics
  • N.A 1
  • N.A 2
  • N.A 3
  • N.A 4



Network Configuration Management

  • Network Configuration Management
  • WF 1
  • WF 2
  • WF 3
  • WF 4


Additional TONAS™ Modules or 3rd Party

    The NetACE TONAS™ Cloud-Native Core Platform serves as the unified foundation for all modular products within the TONAS™ solutions, as well as third-party solutions.


    Unified User Interface (UI)

    It comprises of a unified user interface (UI) that is based on React, an open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces using UI components. This user interface is maintained by Meta and a large community of individual developers and companies.


    Keycloak Security

    One of the key components of the NetACE TONAS™ Common Cloud-native Core Platform is Keycloak, an open-source software product for single sign-on with Identity and Access Management specifically designed for modern applications and services. Keycloak is now under the stewardship of Red Hat and is used as the upstream project for their RH-SSO product.

    NATS Data Streaming System

    NATS is a connective technology built for the ever increasingly hyper-connected world. It is a single technology that enables applications to securely communicate across any combination of cloud vendors, on-premises, edge, web and mobile, and devices. NATS consists of a family of open-source products that are tightly integrated but can be deployed easily and independently. NATS is being used globally by thousands of companies, spanning use-cases including microservices, edge computing, mobile, IoT and can be used to augment or replace traditional messaging. The NATS Server acts as a central nervous system for building distributed applications. Client APIs are provided in over 40 languages and frameworks including Go, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Rust, C#, C, and NGINX. Real time data streaming, highly resilient data storage and flexible data retrieval are supported through JetStream , the next generation streaming platform built into the NATS server.



    PostgreSQL is a free and open-source relational database management system, is also an important component of the "NetACE TONAS™ Common Cloud-native Platform". It is known for its emphasis on extensibility and SQL compliance.


    Camunda Zeebe Workflow Orchestration

    The workflow and decision engine of the "NetACE TONAS™ Common Cloud-native Core Platform", provides the performance, resilience, and security that enterprises require for their process orchestration efforts. Its horizontally scalable architecture, designed for high throughput, makes it ideal for complex and demanding use cases. The "NetACE TONAS™ Common Cloud-native Core Platform" and its solution modules can be deployed using either Kubernetes or Docker, and on popular public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.



    NetACE TONAS™ Common Cloud-native Core Platform is equipped with Traefik, a cutting-edge reverse proxy and load balancing solution. Traefik streamlines the deployment of microservices and adapts seamlessly to your existing infrastructure, providing automated and dynamic configuration. In addition, the "NetACE TONAS™ Common Cloud-native Core Platform" also supports TM Forum Open REST APIs, which enables organizations to benefit from an open and standardized


    Open TMF APIs

    Open TMF APIs, enabling faster and more efficient integration with other systems and solutions. With support for these APIs, organizations can take full advantage of the benefits of NaaS (network as a Service) and digital transformation, by leveraging the latest industry best practices, standards, and technologies.

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