NetACE TONAS™ Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment (USAF)

The TONAS™ Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment (USAF) offers Telecom Operators an unparalleled solution for streamlining service activation and fulfillment, resulting in faster delivery times and an improved customer experience. This cloud-native platform offers comprehensive support for fixed and mobile service order management, including workflow orchestration, decomposition, enrichment, fallout management, and zero-touch network resource configuration. With the ability to work with any vendor and technology, this solution is truly a one-stop-shop for all your service fulfillment and network activation needs.

The TONAS™ Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment (USAF) offers the best of both worlds – service fulfillment and orchestration and network service activation – all on a single, cloud-native orchestration platform. The solution integrates with multiple OSS/BSS solutions such as Amdocs Optima BSS and ServiceNow Order Management for Telecommunications via open TMF APIs like TMF640, TMF641, TMF638 and TMF633 and various vendor-proprietary interfaces. It’s also part of the NetACE TONAS™ Platform, and smoothly integrates with the TONAS™ DIA, NI&A, and NCM solution modules.

The TONAS™ USAF key functions to ensure the smooth operation, including:

  • 5G & Legacy Network

    A unified design orchestration, provisioning, and configuration process for various network functions and applications across multiple domains and vendors supports 5G and legacy network technologies, as well as both mobile and fixed types of services and products.

  • Telecom Industry Standards & Frameworks

    An open, vendor-agnostic standards-based approach, including support for 3GPP, ETSI, and TM Forum.

  • Open TM Forum APIs

    The solution supports open TMF APIs including TMF641, TMF640, TMF633, and TMF638.

  • Low-code Design & Modeling using Standard Tools

    Low-code design and modeling of BPMN-based workflows allows users with minimal coding experience to design and implement complex workflows through a graphical interface, reducing the need for extensive coding or programming knowledge.

  • Service Order Decomposition

    Policy-driven and dynamic product and service decomposition into domain service orders and resources orders.

  • Multi-vendor Service Activation & Configuration

    Automates the service and resource order activation processes by transforming and enriching the network-facing service requests into vendor-specific conversation, activating and configuring any service on any platform of any network technology (mobile and fixed, simple and complex), rapidly and accurately, providing a comprehensive set of activation management features for network service requests with automated retry, failure resolution and rollbacks.

  • Service Inventory

    Supports a centralized repository that provides a complete and up-to-date view of all services offered by a service provider. This includes information on service specifications, service catalogs, service contracts, and associated resources.

  • Order tracking

    Service order tracking and lifecycle management.

  • Fallout Management

    Automatically identify any potential issues or errors that may prevent the request from being fulfilled and alert the appropriate personnel, providing detailed information about the issue, such as the specific step in the activation process where the error occurred.

  • Unified User Interface

    Provides a single, centralized view of all service activation and fulfillment processes. It allows service providers to easily monitor and analyze their operations in real-time. This increased visibility into the service activation and fulfillment process allows service providers to identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement and take proactive measures to address them. Additionally, it includes a range of analytical and reporting tools, which can help service providers further optimize their operations.

  • Cloud-native Architecture

    Deployable on any public or private cloud for seamless upgrades and minimal impacts, thanks to its cloud-native, microservices-based architecture.

  • Collaborative Project Delivery

    Collaborative delivery between telecom operators, system integrators, and NetACE, allowing for joint development of integrations and adapters to meet specific requirements.

Benefits for TONAS™ Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment (USAF).

  • Seamless integration with any BSS and OSS stack through open APIs and pre-integration with NetACE TONAS™ DIA, NI&A, and NCM solution modules
  • Faster time to market through accelerated service design, test, launch, fulfillment, and orchestration
  • Improved customer satisfaction through reduced processing times, order fallouts, and human errors, all driven by automation
  • Optimized OPEX through service design template reuse, enhanced fulfillment process automation, and closed-loop operations
  • Increased business agility through a modular, cloud-native, microservices-based architecture and use of open, standard-based APIs
  • Enhanced visibility and control with real-time, dynamic, federated, and complete inventory view, service order and fulfillment tracking, and visualization
  • Managed complexity through automation, reducing human effort and time to market, enabling error-free deployment, and driving cost reduction and customer satisfaction
  • Speed of service, allowing customers to quickly order or access any service from any device
  • Fully automated service fulfillment and accurate service provisioning without human intervention
  • Business-driven, next-generation OSS solutions supporting the digital transformation journey.
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Faster time for onboarding new services and products
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Accelerate the adoption of Zero-touch Network and Service Operations.

NetACE TONAS™ Platform by Atrinet is a modular, cloud-native, TM Forum ODA-compliant digital solution with Open APIs, designed to streamline telecom operations and network automation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

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NetACE TONAS™ Platform by Atrinet is a modular, open, and cloud-native digital solution, designed to streamlines telecom operations and network automation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

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