NetACE TONAS™ provides a unique combination of cloud-native design principles, DevOps culture, Open Digital Architecture (ODA), TM Forum Open APIs, and multivendor multitechnology support.


NetACE TONAS™ offers a range of unique differentiators, such as:

  • Modularity

    NetACE TONAS™ is a uniquely modular platform that offers the ability to deploy its various components, such as NetACE TONAS™ DIA, USAF, NI&A, and NCM, separately or all together as a comprehensive solution. This flexibility allows Telecom Operators to choose the right set of capabilities that align with their specific business needs and requirements. The NetACE TONAS™ modules are also pre-integrated with each other and share a unified user interface (UI), enabling seamless cooperation in close-loop for zero-touch automation. Each of the modules also supports Open REST APIs and rapidly integrates with 3rd party systems.

  • Cloud-native

    NetACE TONAS™ cloud-native design offers numerous benefits compared to traditional OSS solutions with legacy elements, positioning it as a highly cost-efficient, scalable, and operationally adaptable solution for telecom operators. With its ability to effortlessly scale, robust fault tolerance, and quick deployment and maintenance capabilities, NetACE TONAS™ significantly reduces operating expenses while providing exceptional performance.

  • Openness

    With TMFAPIs: NetACE TONAS™ is designed with openness in mind, ensuring that each of its modules supports Open TMF REST APIs, making it easy to integrate with third-party OSS/BSS systems. This means that customers can leverage their existing investments in OSS/BSS solutions, while also taking advantage of the powerful features offered by NetACE TONAS™. This results in a seamless, streamlined experience that minimizes integration challenges and reduces time to value.

  • Zero-touch Automation

    NetACE TONAS™ brings a new level of efficiency and automation to network operations with its zero-touch automation capability. The close-loop cooperation between its various modules reduces the need for manual intervention, freeing up valuable resources and minimizing the risk of human error. This results in faster and more consistent operations, reduced downtime, and increased reliability for Telecom Operators.

  • Out-of-the-Box Integration Adapters

    NetACE TONAS™ pre-built integrations with industry leading vendors is a huge advantage as it eliminates the need for custom integrations and reduces the implementation time, thus saving cost and resources.

  • Deployment Flexibility

    NetACE TONAS™, with its modular, cloud-native architecture, provides support for a wide range of deployment models, including SaaS, private or public cloud, and on-premises, making it easy for operators to choose the model that best meets their specific requirements. Additionally, the platform's compatibility with Kubernetes or Docker environments ensures that it can be integrated seamlessly into existing infrastructure. This level of flexibility enables operators to align the deployment model with their specific needs, security requirements, and technical skills, thus providing them with maximum control over their technology investments.

  • DevOps Alignment

    NetACE TONAS™ is fully aligned with DevOps methodologies, enabling development and operations teams to work closely together and apply small, incremental changes to systems on a regular basis. This is in contrast to traditional NetOps methods where changes are made in a small number of large, infrequent upgrades.

  • Significant OpEx Reduction

    NetACE TONAS™ has the ability to automate manual processes and enable the consolidation of multiple systems into a single platform, which helps reduce operating expenses (OpEx) and capital expenses (CapEx). This not only drives operational efficiencies and cost savings, but also frees up valuable resources that can be redirected to developing and launching new revenue-generating services.

  • Multitenancy

    NetACE TONAS™, with its ability to support multiple tenants or customers within a single instance of the platform or module, providing isolated and secure environments for each tenant, and enables operators to maintain regulatory compliance and keep customer data separate. Additionally, the multitenant architecture provides enhanced scalability and allows operators to easily add new tenants or customers as they grow.

  • UI & Federated View

    NetACE TONAS™ provides a single, integrated view across the various OSS functions and network domains, enabling Telecom Operators to easily and efficiently manage their entire network infrastructure. This centralized view of the network helps to streamline operations, improve visibility and reduce operational complexity, ultimately leading to more efficient network management and cost savings.

  • Optimal PEN Management Solution

    NetACE TONAS™ is designed to provide a flexible and efficient solution for Telecom Operators to manage their Private Enterprise Network (PEN) customers. With its multitenant capabilities, NetACE TONAS™ makes it easy to manage multiple PEN customers on a single platform, delivering cost-effective and scalable services. The platform's multitenancy feature allows each PEN customer to have its own dedicated environment, ensuring security and privacy of their network configuration and data. This eliminates the need for separate platforms for each customer, reducing the complexity and costs associated with managing multiple systems.

  • Open Digital Architecture (ODA) compliant

    The NetACE TONAS™ solution utilizes cutting-edge technology and industry standards, with a focus on innovation. The platform leverages TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA), utilizing microservices, metadata, AI, and standardized APIs to deliver a data-driven and flexible approach. This enables telecom operators to stay ahead of the competition and achieve growth and profitability.

The TONAS™ Solution for Streamlining Digital Operations.

The NetACE TONAS™ modular cloud-native Platform is designed to be fully aligned with the latest DevOps methodologies and industry standards such as TM Forum, ETSI and 3GPP. NetACE TONAS™ is a multivendor solution that supports all fixed and mobile network technologies end-to-end, including 5G and legacy systems. This ensures fast and flexible integration into the existing infrastructure, and rapid low-code onboarding of new technologies and services.

3rd Party OSS/BSS

Common Cloud-native Core Platform

Federation Security and Visualization

Open APIs


Modular Cloud-native Telecom Operations & Network Automation Solution

Modular Solutions & Products

Adapters Marketplace



Federated Network Auto Discovery & Reconciliation

  • Lightweight Network-driven Resource Inventory
  • Real-time Reconciliation & Synchronization
  • Federated Auto-Discovery
  • D.A 1
  • D.A 2
  • D.A 3
  • D.A 4



Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment

  • Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment
  • Service Inventory
  • Service Catalog
  • WF 1
  • WF 2
  • WF 3
  • WF 4



Network Insights & Assurance

  • Network Performance
  • Fault Management
  • Al/ML-powered Analytics
  • N.A 1
  • N.A 2
  • N.A 3
  • N.A 4



Network Configuration Management

  • Network Configuration Management
  • WF 1
  • WF 2
  • WF 3
  • WF 4


Additional TONAS™ Modules or 3rd Party

    Efficiency & Cost Reduction

    NetACE TONAS™ offers a range of solutions aimed at improving the efficiency and reducing the costs of telecom operator’s operations. By automating manual processes and consolidating multiple systems into a single, open platform, NetACE TONAS™ helps to optimize operations and minimize both operating expenses (OpEx) and capital expenses (CapEx).

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